Firebird will field a team of 62 racers competing at the Division 6 Summit E.T. Finals at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Wash., over the Aug. 29-31, Sept. 1, weekend.

Here are the racers planning to race on the “Fly Like An Eagle” team at the “Battle in Seattle”.

Super Pro

Justin Hof
Brad Todd
Chris Jaggers
Tracy Hawker
Andy Strunk
Dave Wines
Brad Pattan
Carl Youngstrom
Melissa Jarboe
Terrell Daffron
John Shaffer
Richard Williams


Steve Reynolds
Joe Witherspoon
Carl Youngstrom
Seth McLean
David Deming
Bobby Day
Rich Rush
Tom Bittick
Randy Standlee
Ryan DuBois
Rick Martin
Kenneth Dill
Leann Day
Stan Deming
Ed O’Hara
Nick Reedy
Glenn Watts
Maggie Watts
Frank Wilson
Steve Kelly


Joe Witherspoon
Rex Petersen
Jacob Phelps
Michael Clement
Mike Ritz
Zak Pedraza
Glen Phillips
Dan Hurlbert
Tia Jo Spurrier
Ashley Day
Michael Jaggers
Pierson Deming


Zak Pedraza
Scott Grondahl
Ty Scott
Jay Mendes
Rich Pedraza
Liz Micheletty

High School

Lindsay Lloyd
Connor New

Junior Dragster

Summer Field
Ty Sasser
Peyton Basile
Casey Youngstrom
Hannah Vandermeer
Mayson Hawker
Camryn Stoker
Jaxson Gonzales

Jr. Street

Davis Deming
Calli Deming


Tami Shaffer and Debbie Bittick

Team Finals Information Sheet RUN SCHEDULE