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Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost for children attending an event at Firebird?

Children under 5 are always admitted free. Children 6-12 years of age for most events are admitted for $3 (except major events like the Ignitor, Fox Hunt, Nightfire or Halloween Classic, where the price is specific to each of these events). Please refer to the Track Schedule to learn more about pricing for individual events.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages into the Firebird facility?

We do not permit alcoholic beverages to be brought into Firebird. As a licensed facility, we fall under two Idaho Code Laws (#23-1023 & #23-1056) that pertain to anyone attending an event at Firebird. If you bring alcoholic beverages into the track—you are breaking the law. Liquor law agents do inspect our facility on a random basis, so avoid the consequences and respectfully leave your alcohol at home. On site, the Firebird Food & Beverage stands offer beer, wine coolers and wine.

What is your policy on coolers?

When attending an event at Firebird, we do permit coolers – maximum size: six-pack cooler. No glass bottles or alcoholic beverages may be brought into Firebird.

Can spectators bring in motorized transportation?

No ATV’s, scooters or golf carts are permitted from the spectator parking areas.

Are we allowed to bring cameras (still or video) into the Firebird facility?

YES. You are allowed to take video or still pictures of the vehicles at anytime. However video and/or still pictures taken at Firebird Raceway are for personal use only and may not be sold or marketed without a licensed arrangement or agreement from the management of Firebird Company LLC or through the NHRA.

Are pets allowed at Firebird?

YES! Pets are allowed on Firebird. Please be aware that pets must be on leashes at all times. Please be respectful of the Firebird grounds, clean up after your pets. Pets are not permitted in restricted area or staging lanes. If aggressive behavior occurs with other pets, children or people, we will ask pet and pet owner to leave facility.

Can I bring an umbrella?

Umbrellas are permitted in most sections of the grandstand area; however, an umbrella may only be used if, when open, it provides protection only to the Guest holding it and does not interfere with other Guests’ enjoyment of the event. Personal umbrellas larger than 15”, when collapsed, and/or oversized golf umbrellas are not permitted. Guests may be asked to close their umbrella if it is obstructing the view of other Guests.

Does Firebird accept credit cards at the front gates?

Yes, we do accept both VISA and Mastercard at the front gates. We also accept them at the Firebird Food stands and our souvenir stores. An ATM is on-site for your convenience, too.

Is there special handicap parking area and viewing area?

We do offer handicap parking on the northwest end of the south parking lot. In addition, we offer accessible seating and viewing area with wheelchair access at our facility.

Can we capture an autograph from drivers at an event?

During our major events, we encourage the fans to not only observe all the work going on in the pit area, but quite often you can request an autograph from a driver or crew member. We also offer an autograph session on Friday and Saturday of the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals, making it easy to score a number of autographs on the item of your choice (i.e. – event poster, Firebird Motorsport’s Annual, t-shirt, etc.).

Are we allowed to operate unmanned aerial vehicles or drones at Firebird?

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, Firebird strictly prohibits the operation of or use of any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as “Drones,” on, from, or above the raceway complex premises. This includes all UAVs regardless of size, weight, or purpose. Only the facilities official photographer company has specific written permission from Firebird to use such vehicles.


What is the altitude at Firebird?

2,700’ above sea level.


Does Firebird utilize the Compulink starting system?

Yes, we utilize the best timing system in the industry. Firebird operates under the Compulink StarTrak Autostart system. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures, which have been refined and perfected at a multitude of top-rated facilities. Here’s how it works:

Courtesy Staging is a Firebird rule for all Gold Cup events (specifically in Super Pro, Pro, Heavy and Sportsman, recommended in Sled/Bike if possible). Because of the wide variance in ages in Junior racing, courtesy staging is encouraged, but not required. Courtesy staging is not mandated in Club or High School/Alumni/Street Legal racing. Please be aware if you normally run the Club Series and jump into Pro, Heavy or Sportsman at a Gold Cup race, you will need to courtesy stage.

How Courtesy Staging works – during time trials and racing, both drivers courtesy stage (both racers pre-stage first, prior to lighting the second bulb/main staging light), When the first driver has fully staged (second light on) and the second driver is pre-staged, the second driver has 10 seconds to fully stage. If you wait greater than 10 seconds to final stage, the Christmas tree will automatically turn the redlight on.

If you choose to deep stage you do so at your own risk. Be aware that the Autostart system automatically fires the Christmas Tree once both vehicles have made the move to final stage (turn the second stage light on). Deep staging is not guaranteed, so plan your staging procedure accordingly. No reruns if you are not ready when the tree counts down – even if both drivers agree.

Once both cars are staged (and the starter has pre-activated the switch), the computer automatically activates the tree within a prescribed time frame each and every time a pair of vehicles anticipate the start of the tree sequence. The benefit is that the sequence of the tree is controlled by the computer, creating a specific time-frame each and every time you prepare for the Christmas Tree to start its count down after staging. Review Firebird Handbook to learn more.

What is Firebird’s radio station?

Tune into Birdland radio at 103.9FM. If you’re not parked by a speaker, you can pick up announcement on your radio by tuning into this signal. Tip: a digital radio with a good antenna works better than an older analog dial.

Does Firebird offer on-site Fuel or Nitrous for sale?

We do not offer fuel or nitrous refills at the raceway. We recommend contacting United Oil at 208 343-5474 or stopping by their location in Boise at: 120 N. Curtis Road (open M-F). Source for nitrous re-fills: Qualafab Performance Fabrication: 360 S. Adkins Way in Meridian, 208 887-9834 (open M-F).

Does Firebird have a scale to weigh my car?

Yes, we have a permanent digital scale located on the west-side of the return road. Available on a limited basis, we can weigh your race car by request at no charge.

Can we ship a package to Firebird during an event?

We do permit shipping direct to Firebird during an event. You can ship either UPS or FedEx (please do not ship via the post office) to:

Firebird Raceway
Attn: Insert Racer’s Name Here
8551 Highway 16
Eagle, ID 83616

All racer shipments are delivered to the front gates when they arrive. We courier these boxes around to our Firebird souvenir store in the lower pit area, so you can retrieve your package at this location (with photo i.d.).

Where can I email additional questions?

Please direct email to: [email protected] or give us a call at the Firebird track offices: (208) 938-8986.