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Racing//Perfect Light Club

Racers can qualify for the Perfect Light Club during any Gold Cup, Club Challenge or High School/Alumni Street Legal event during the season.

Perfect LightEither during time trials, qualifying or eliminations, if you’re lucky (or just plain good enough) to drill a perfect .000 reaction time, you will earn a Perfect Light Club decal. We will track all those who qualify during the racing season and list them out. Additionally, we plan to randomly select one racer at the end of the year to win a Treasure Chest of prizes.

Good luck to everyone trying to earn a spot in the Perfect Light Club. Best of all, you can add your name to the list as many times as you hit the triple “O” reaction time.

List current thru 4/25/17

Driver Year & Make Engine size Date
T.J. Smith 65 Chevelle 532 ci 4/2/2017
Leann Day 68 Camaro 383 ci 4/9/2017
Cody Hiatt 07 Dragster 632 ci 4/15/2017
Matt Giusti 06 Kawasaki 1400 cc 4/22/2017
Catherine Seamons 99 Camaro 350 ci 4/23/2017
Camille Murdock 95 Cavalier 468 ci 4/23/2017
Ryan DuBois 07 GSXR 1000 ci 4/23/2017
Liz Micheletty 12 Kawasaki 1400 ci 4/23/2017
Liz Micheletty 12 Kawasaki 1400 ci 4/23/2017
Andy Strunk 72 Nova 421 ci 4/23/2017