It’s almost hard to believe how two weeks goes by at nearly light speed. Being eternal optimists, we have long prided our company and the raceway for its fortitude to waiting as long as possible to reach a final decision. Often, we’ve hung in during a rain delay, dried the track and been back racing when odds were stacked against us all.

But as everyone recognizes, this is a different time-frame. We’re continuing along in uncharted waters. At times it feels like we’re in the middle of a torrential storm that just won’t stop. This does not mean give up, it means more time is needed to ride this out.

We also recognize that decisions must be made to move forward. In light of our current plight, we are meeting more than ever before. It’s a scenario often times featuring one simple set of words, “What if?” Much of the time it can be challenging to determine what may make the best sense for all parties involved. Our respect to the racers, crew, fans, sponsors, track staff and others is at the forefront of all decision making.

But when you operate a racing operation like we do, there are inherently choices that need to be made.

Through it all, each of us are dedicated to staying positive. There will be an end in sight. And better days, weeks and months do lie ahead.

Given the recent decisions handed down by President Trump, Governor Little and our member track alliance with the National Hot Rod Association, we have reached several revisions through May 3 on our early 2020 Calendar of Events. At this point in time, all other dates after May 4 remain as scheduled.

Effective now, the following events will be modified accordingly:

  • Spring Warm Up & Swap Meet (April 11) – will not take place, make your plans today for the 16th Fall Swap Meet on Sept. 25-26.
  • Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge Series – (April 17) – event rescheduled to Friday, Oct. 2.
  • Idaho Army Nat’l Guard Spring High School and Alumni Series (April 19) – will not take place, make plans today for the first event on June 19.
  • Stinker Season Opener – (April 25-26) – will not take place, make plans today for the first Gold Cup point’s weekend on May 16-17.
  • NAPA Auto Parts Ignitor by Peterson Chevrolet – (May 1-3) – NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Race Series/Gold Cup portion of Ignitor event rescheduled to Aug. 14-16. Race will run back-to-back weekends with the Nightfire Nationals, which is set for Aug. 6-9 (trailers may be left at Firebird between events). The August Ignitor event will not include the Heritage FC series. AA/Funny Cars will be competing one-week earlier at the Nightfire.

Recognizing that each of these events are like an extension of our family, we have a deep sense of sentiment towards all of these races on our schedule. It is especially agonizing when we fully recognize many of our events like those above have tradition, interest and appeal that is weighted in not only years, but decades of support.

From all of us in the New family and our team of officials, we will look forward to better opportunities to go racing in the not too distant future.

Should you have further questions, please drop us an email or give us a phone call.

God Bless America!