We annually make available a limited number of Reserved Parking spots for race teams in three sections of the central sportsman pit area.

If you might have interest in securing space that may open up, please send us an email. We will add your name to our current waiting list. The applications are currently going through the renewal process. We do have a current list from racers who have let us know they’d like a reserved spot at some point in the future. As a courtesy to all teams, we don’t want to leave anyone out that may have potential interest.

Rental spots (when available) are offered annually for $250 west-side of center road. Spots on the west-side of front stretch are $325. And terrace parking spots run $775. By reserving space, it becomes your space for all Gold Cup races during the season. Spots are also locked in for the Ignitor, Oldies, Fox Hunt, Nightfire and Halloween Classic. Space is grandfathered on an annual renewal basis in late-December for all existing teams.

Over the past many years we’ve been able to make a number of facility upgrades thanks to all those teams that have participated in our Reserved Pit Parking program.

Should space become available, we will notify you by email.

If interested, please email us at: [email protected]