Firebird will play host to the Boise Muffler Gold Cup Series at select events during the 2020 racing season. To be eligible for the championship chase, drivers will need to register for the series. A write-in .pdf form (which you can fill-in and print from your computer) is now available online.

Registration ($35) is required for the following eliminators:

  • Kidd Performance & Dyno Super Pro
  • Meridian Auto Ranch Outlet Pro
  • United Oil Sportsman
  • High Desert Motoplex Sled/Bike
  • Junior Dragster
  • Junior Street

To be eligible for the championship point’s series, racers will need to run two (2) Boise Muffler Gold Cup Decals. Stickers are available at the Firebird Sport Shop.


Form (above) is a fill-in .pdf file.