The 45th Annual Pepsi Nightfire Nationals finished under the stadium lights as seven different champions were crowned at the end of the night.

Scoring the $5,000 winner’s prize was Bud Preuss from Grand Junction, Colo., nailing a perfect 7.56 on a 7.56 dial) to overtake Mike Coltrin with his Corvette Super Gas-influenced roadster. Coltrin finished at 9.72 (9.70 dial). In Pro, local ace Phil Sielaff recorded a dead perfect run, too, carding a 10.49 (10.49 dial) to sweep the $2,000 payday. John Schurr was runner-up, making his first trip to Firebird from Peroria, Ariz.

Friday time trials get underway starting at 8:20 am, followed by first round of sportsman eliminations at 11:30 am. The opening qualifying session for the Nitro cars will blast off at 7;45 pm.


Bud Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., .007, 7.56 (7.56 dial) 165.70 def. Mike Coltrin, Boise, .022, 9.72 (9.70 dial) 157.89.

Semi: Dan Lafferty, Wendell, ID; Justin Juel, Spokane, WA.

Quarter: Jack Beckman, Norco, CA; David Myhre, Sheridan, CA; Tom Clark, Spokane, WA.

Eighth: Steve Lambert, Boise, ID; Trent Stevens, Roy, UT; Mark Austin, Star, ID; Ed Miller, Rangely, CO; Jesse Adams, Yuba City, CA; Paul Bognar, Idaho Falls, ID.



Phil Sielaff, Pine, .108, 10.49 (10.49 dial) 127.70 def. John Schurr, Peoria, Ariz., -.018 redlight, 10.74 (10.78 dial) 122.96.

Semi: Lisa Thomas, Meridian, ID.

Quarter: Jason Thomas, Meridian, ID; Joe Witherspoon, Caldwell, ID.


Bracketeer Consolation

David Thornton, Ellensburg, Wash., .122, 7.85 (7.69 dial) 161.34 def. Victor Clark, Boise, .114, 8.67 (7.65 dial) 108.01.

Semi: Casey Nelson, Hayden, ID; Cameron Ferre, Huntington Beach, CA.


Pro Consolation

Larry Hale, Buhl, .025, 10.31 (10.32 dial) 125.20 def. Karl Martin, Riverton, Utah, .102, 11.45 (11.52 dial) 114.86.

Semi: Brandon Umberger, Grand Junction, CO; Heff Staley, Vancouver, WA.



Paul Sanders, Phoenix, Ariz., 13.15 (13.05 dial) 93.52 def. Kristi Shawver, Meridian, .174, 11.64 (11.60 dial) 113.03.

Semi: Michael Wallace, Emmett; Jerry Trolard, Vale, Ore.

Quarter: Brandee Bohning, Boise; Noel Burkovsky, Boise; Duston Wurtz, Nampa.



Brad Crawford, Kennewick, Wash., .020, 9.66 (9.52 dial) 129.11 def. Scott Grondahl, Nampa, .153, 10.06 (9.97 dial) 134.44.

Semi: Kevin Hutto, Kuna.

Quarter: Chad Hofert, Meridian; Liz Micheletty, Kuna.



Michael Jaggers, Middleton, .081, 13.95, (13.90 dial) 93.99 def. Rex Petersen, Boise, .027, 13.37 (12.21 dial) 113.19.

Semi: Joseph Karnes, Boise; Kristi Reedy, Ontario, Ore.

Quarter: Brenda Wilson, Boise; Mike Lynch, Riverton, Utah; Elaine Simonsen, Elko, Nev.