We’re counting down to easily the single most anticipated racing event of the entire year as the 45th edition of the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals returns on August 11th-14th.

The race will mark a key stop in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series for both AA/Funny Car and AA/Fuel Dragster. Currently leading the NHRA national point’s chase, Ignitor winner Kris Krabill and recent Bowling Green Hot Rod Reunion winner Adam Sorokin, both currently sit at the head of each of their respective eliminators as racers hit the mid-season stretch.

Better yet, the crowd favorite AA/Fuel Altereds will compete in a special eliminator on Friday thru Sunday, too. We can’t wait for the return of the often unpredictable breed that’ll launch from the starting line with wing-high header flames and compete in wheel-to-wheel combat down the Firebird quarter-mile.

All pre-entry brochures have mailed for the richest weekend of sportsman racing in the Northwest as the famed Bracketeer Series returns with a whopping $80,000 in guaranteed cash on the line. The event is open to all racers, including categories for: Bracketeer (Super Pro), Pro, Sled/Bike, Heavy and Sportsman, along with the popular Top Fire eliminator presented by Lucas Oil (for the quickest 12 open wheelers and the quickest 12 full-bodied rides).

This year’s Nightfire will pay a guaranteed winner’s prize of $5,000 to win on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday in Bracketeer (Super Pro), along with the single richest day of the season at Firebird, a $7,500 payday to the champion of Saturday’s Bracketeer main event.

In Pro eliminator, the payouts will include $2,000 to win of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and $3000 to the champion on Saturday.

If by chance you didn’t receive a pre-entry, please drop us an email at [email protected] and we will email you an electronic version of the application. Or click on this Nightfire Pre-Entry (open from a .pdf file).