NHRA Chassis certification will be conducted at Expo Idaho during  the 51st Annual Roadster Show weekend. Chassis tags will be offered on Sat., March 9.

Racers will be able to take advantage of the NHRA Chassis Inspection seminar for race cars that run 9.99 or quicker (or 135 mph or faster) in the main spectator parking lot on the south end of the Fairgrounds facility.

As a courtesy to the NHRA and Firebird team who will be on hand for the Certification day, please give us a shout at 208 938-8986 (or drop us an email). We’ll be glad to add your name to the list. Chassis certification will be available on Saturday, March 9th. Hours will be offered from 9 am till 2:30 pm. Tags will be issued on a first arrival basis.

The sportsman chassis tag runs $170, and are valid for 3 years. Or you can capture a professional-level certification for $260.

In addition, Firebird will have a booth in the Roadster Show. You’ll have an opportunity to catch up on what’s been going on during the off-season. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have for the 2024 Season. You will be able to secure your race number and registration. Additionally, we anticipate having hard copies of the NHRA Rule Book and Junior Dragster book for purchase at the show.