We used to do a column in our track newspaper called “New’s Corner”. This was about 25 years ago. From time to time we’d script an editorial on a topic or two regarding a wide variety of things. We wanted to share something that was on our minds following this year’s Summit E.T. Finals, so here you go –

Track operators are a unique breed. Last time we checked, “How to manage a Dragstrip 101” isn’t taught in any school. For several pictured here, they work tirelessly and to the best of their ability during a race season to provide an enjoyable experience for racers, crew, fans and many others who are aligned within the NHRA member track network. Tracks come in all shapes and sizes. From small markets to major metropolitan regions and all points in between – and promoters come from all walks of life, each beating to a different drum: corporate, car club, volunteer organization…

Like Firebird, many tracks are family run operations. Grandfather’s, dad’s, son’s, daughter’s, kids and even grandkid’s do everything from picking up trash to mowing the fields, sell hot dogs to distributing tickets `n tech cards at the front gates. They also wear hats covering everything from race operation to anything that takes place from one end of the facility to the other – a role that can be rewarding at times and devastating at others (i.e.- when the weather gods turn angry for no logical reason).

As most know, we’ve been doing all of the above for the better part of the past five decades. We love what we do, as do all those operators and many others that attended this year’s Team Finals (with their respective teams).

If any of us in the New family could recommend one thing to all those who drop by this site from time-to-time is the following –

“Support YOUR RACE TRACK whenever and as often as you possibly can. Without all these tracks and many others, we certainly couldn’t enjoy this sport like we do today.”
“We know you have lots of choices for entertainment and fun in today’s world. But all of us are dedicated towards the future of our sport of Drag Racing, and that’s not just for the year ahead, but for the decades and decades to follow.”
“When Wally Parks created the NHRA over six decades ago, he was committed to the tracks, to the racers, to the fans and everyone else. Keep the torch alive! And thanks to all the track operator’s for their commitment, efforts and hard work.”


On behalf of all of us who are looking forward to next 50 years of Firebird Raceway, warmest regards,

The New family