It has been a whirlwind of things going on over the course of the past four weeks. We wanted to bring you up to speed on the current status of starting the 2020 Season at Firebird, along with what has been happening within the scope of our operation.

First off, we do want to wish everyone the very best on behalf of each member of the New family. Not a day has gone by without all of us thinking about our friends in racing. We have been dedicated to working tirelessly around the clock committed to the day when we have an opportunity to see each of you once again – our racers, crewmembers, track staff, sponsors and fans. In one way, shape or another, we will persevere through these times.

As all of this started better than eight weeks ago, we developed a strategic plan to work in the direction of the “day racing starts at Firebird”.

Governmental interaction

We have taken a proactive step towards opening the conversational door to visiting with those within the halls of government and the health department. An operational plan has been thoughtfully established and submitted, awaiting guidance and approval for moving forward. We feel it is important at this time to allow the steps and process to play out, which we are hopeful, will be sooner than later.

Conference calls with Key Dragstrip Owner/Operators

We’ve helped to establish a network of principals within our industry (including the NHRA and the U.S. Motorsports Association) to share and discuss a wide-variety of topics. Trust us when we say there are some very intelligent and mindful people who own and operate significant operations in our country. Together, this brain trust of individuals has helped to steer us through a range of subject matter with one goal in mind, to develop a plan to safely start racing in 2020.

Further enhancing the Firebird facility

It’s no secret we are dedicated to making Firebird the best it possibly can be. We have not sat idle one moment over the past six months. All of us think you’ll be pleasantly impressed with all the upgrades and enhancements made to our venue. The cross-section of improvements is noteworthy, but we will wait to share and unveil them with you once all of us get to return to the track “together”.

Effective now, the following events will be modified accordingly:

  • Open Test Day (May 9) – will not take place.
  • Peterson Chevrolet Midnight Drags – (May 9) – event rescheduled to Saturday, June 20.

Beyond the date listed above, we do not have any further information to share at this time on specific dates and what they will look like for the month of May. We are optimistic about sharing additional info in the coming days (through our Email Blast database, firebirdonline.comFacebook and Instagram). Once we receive the “green light” to proceed forward, we will be initiating a revised schedule starting with Test `n Tune event day(s).

By now most everyone is aware that Governor Brad Little is taking the necessary steps to re-opening our economy. We’d like to encourage all our supporters to consider the following:

We have quite an array of sponsoring companies of Firebird that we are deeply indebted to. They are truly the backbone of our economic engine. Many of these entities, like us, are family-operated. Remember, as these businesses open up, support those who support our dragstrip. We couldn’t do it without each of them.

Should you have further questions, please drop us a phone call or email.