All of us in the New family want to convey our sincere appreciation, gratitude and the upmost respect that we have in all of you who support events like our Boise Roadster Show and the calendar of races at Firebird Raceway.

In recent days we’ve all been experiencing a multitude of emotions, thoughts and sentiments. To no one’s surprise, these are truthfully unprecedented times. We all want to do what is right and justified, but when the unknown creeps into the equation, decision making without a clear cut vision of what the short-term future holds gets blurred and quite bewildering.

As with anything in life, we want to follow what we are told. Whether it’s our grandparents, parents or ultimately those within our respected governmental entities, we are taught at an early age to make decisions that are in the best interest of the majority. We need to be honest and compassionate, trying to draw upon life experiences, education and knowledge to develop a plan.

With the season knocking at the proverbial door, we’ve been inundated with inquiries on when Firebird will open. Like most of you, we live, eat and sleep for the sport we dearly love and enjoy. With health and well being at the forefront of our mind, it is in the best interest of all involved that we delay the official opening two practice days at our race facility.

Effective now we will not be open for the two opening practice days of the season. We are cancelling the following events:

  • Open Test Day (March 29, 2020) – event is cancelled.
  • Open Test Day (April 5, 2020) – event is cancelled.

Our initial thinking is to take our planning calendar in two week increments. We are all inherently optimistic. Each of us are hopeful that the current plight we all face will be much shorter, than longer in nature.

On behalf of every member of the New family and our entire track staff, we will continue to keep you posted as we learn more in the coming days and weeks. As always, we offer an open line of communication by phone or email.