As we take our initial steps into the start of our 2020 Racing Season, we wanted to share with you our plans for the next opportunities to participate at Firebird. As most know, we are appropriately modifying plans on a week-to-week basis.

If you’d like to take advantage of additional track time and testing, we are gearing up with two more Practice Days over Memorial Weekend, Sat. and Sun., May 23-24.¬†Similar to what was offered at our Pre-Season event, we will make available:

  • Racer registration will be available on the Foat.

Go to: REGISTRATION FOR MEMORIAL WEEKEND TESTING at 9 am, Fri., 5/15. Once the limit has been reached, no additional entries will be available. At this time, no spectator tickets will be available for these two event days. All registration will be on-line and no entries will be sold at the gates or over the phone. Gold Cards not applicable.

Similar to the first event weekend, participants and crew members will asked to comply with the following protocols:

  • Racers and their crew will be required to park according to social distancing guidelines, which means a 6-foot minimum space will be required between all parking spaces.
  • The Firebird team, which includes our staff and officials, will be wearing face coverings (and gloves where necessary). Additionally, the Firebird team will make regular use of hand sanitizer, conveniently located throughout the facility.
  • Participants and crew members are encouraged to utilize face coverings when away from their pit area transport/trailer.
  • Tech inspection will be available for the race car driver and up to one crew member per entry. Racers and crew will be required to wear face coverings during Tech inspection. We encourage filling out our ONLINE TECH CARD at your computer and printing to bring to the track.
  • The Race Control Tower will be limited to essential track staff only.
  • All of Firebird’s restrooms are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers, soap, and hand pumice cleaner. Restrooms will be sanitized before, during and at the conclusion of the race day. Free-standing hand sanitizer dispensers are positioned in many key locations for convenient access by staff, racers and crew.
  • Firebird’s Food & Beverage stand will follow all guidelines in place for food service businesses. A limited menu of packaged food items, along with beverages will be available. Condiments will be provided in packets, rather than self-service stations. We recommend that food and beverage orders be taken back to pit area for consumption. The lower patio area picnic tables have been moved to storage until further notice.
  • The Sport Shop will be open and anyone entering the Sport Shop will be required to follow social distancing guidelines, and our staff will be sanitizing surfaces.
  • Staging lanes will be split to offer appropriate distancing for both the left and right lanes from Pit Control to the starting line.
  • Social distancing protocols of a minimum of 6 feet will be strictly enforced in the staging lanes and on the starting line.
  • Congregating along the staging lane fence or on the starting line will not be permissible. Our track staff and Firebird Safety Team will closely monitor these areas in order to prevent unauthorized gatherings.
  • The Pavilion and Chalet in the upper pit area will be closed until further notice.
  • For those competing one-day only, we will be requesting racers and crew depart the facility as soon as practicable following the conclusion of the event day.

As we mentioned previously (and just as a reminder), the Firebird staff and management take each and every policy outlined above seriously, and will respectfully enforce such policies for the safety and health of all of our guests and crew.

Scheduling note: both the Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge race (originally 5/22) and Peterson Chevrolet¬†Midnight Drags (5/23) will be rescheduled later this season. We will update you with specific dates to plan for in the near future.