Junior Dragster
Andres Chavez, Nampa, .042 reaction time, 9.48 (9.40 dial in) 68.40 def. Hannah VanderMeer, Nampa, .096, 9.19 (9.20 dial in) 68.08.
Semi-Paige Harris.

Saturday: 38th Annual Little Caesars Pizza Fox Hunt presented by Bronco Motors

Saturday: 38th Annual Little Caesars Pizza Fox Hunt presented by Bronco Motors

BB/Funny Car
Greg Howland, Wenatchee, Wash., .062, 6.78, 206.26 def. Justin Taylor, Spokane, Wash., .085,  7.91, 128.21.

BB/Funny Car final qualifying

1. Matt Driscoll, Pasco, Wash., 6.65, 218.30.
2. Justin Taylor*, Spokane, Wash., 6.74, 213.33.
3. Greg Howland*, Wenatchee, Wash., 6.75, 206.64.
4. Todd Swinford, Keizer, Ore., 6.81, 206.26.
5. Royce Taylor, St. John, Wash., 6.82, 207.88.
6. Ron Huegli, Wilsonville, Ore., 6.87, 206.45.
7. Marty Stewart, Wilsonville, Ore., 6.90, 207.50.
8. Don Harter, E. Wenatchee, Wash., 7.09, 194.49.
9. Jesse Welch, Wenatchee, Wash., 7.13, 196.19.
10. Kim Parker, Puyallup, Wash., 7.24, 187.73.
11. Mark Tarabochia, Astoria, Ore., broke.
-Greg Borgens, Boise, 6.57, 216.31 (non-member).

*two closest to 6.75 index for Chicago-style final round.

Supercharged Altered
Matt Moreira, Nampa, .128, .6.66, 201.04 def. Elaine Sellers, Spokane, Wash. .294, 6.78, 208.33.

Jet Exhibition
Richard Smith, Bend, Ore., 5.76, 277.94. Derek Snelson, Yakima, Wash., 6.39, 252.76.

Wheelstand Exhibition
Ed Jones, Malad, Stage Coach, 12.63, 101.21.

Super Pro
Gene Kelly, Emmett, .025, 9.54 (9.54 dial), 161.36 def. Bud Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., .000, 7.84 (7.85 dial), 165.68.
Semi- Jerry Fisher, Chubbuck.
Quarter-Garrett Quinlan, Nampa; Tim Wallace Jr., Meridian.
Eighth-Larry Saunders, Fruitland; Sean Shaffer, Boise; John Cox, Payette; Brad Pattan, Emmett.

Jason Thomas, Meridian, .028, 10.46 (10.40 dial), 124.94 def. Levi Burlile, Nampa, .068, 10.26 (10.23 dial), 128.13.
Semi-Jim Coryat, Boise; Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell.
Quarter-Dana Drummond, Ontario, Ore.; Craig Schell, Pocatello; Jerry Hodges, Boise.
Eighth-Jeffrey Langan, Boise; Bruce Compton, Boise; Dan Wilder, Caldwell; Richard Rush, Boise; Troy Pecht, Caldwell; Scott Hilderbrand, Medford, Ore.; Burdette Hoelzle, Boise.

Duston Wurtz, Nampa, .072, 13.52 (13.45 dial), 94.75 def. Tom Farmer, Nampa, .178, 13.98 (14.02 dial), 96.16.
Semi-Lucas Hull, Middleton; Ashton Davis, Middleton.
Quarter-Kristin Forrey, Boise; Juan Banda, Ontario, Ore.; Mark Palmer, Weiser.
Eighth-Rex Petersen, Boise; Blaine Sterling, Caldwell; Steve Wingert, Boise; Shannon Dougal, Eagle; Ron Wurtz, Caldwell; Maggie Watts, Boise.

David Kletzien, Boise, .112, 9.53 (9.55 dial), 142.00 def. Rich Pedraza, Boise, .113, 10.46 (10.48) 111.17.
Semi-Liz Micheletty, Boise.
Quarater-John Johnson Jr., Caldwell; Chad Hofert, Meridian; Don Trafford, Nampa.

Edward May, Payette, .007, 11.17 (11.15 dial), 118.40 def. Levi Burlile, Nampa, .147, 10.71 (10.50 dial), 112.87.
Semi-Bill Muchow, Melba; Jeffrey Langan, Boise.
Quarter-Patrick Bailey, Pocatello; Scott Hilderbrand, Medford, Ore.; Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell.

Fox Eliminator
Kristi Shawver, Meridian, .052, 11.54 (11.54 dial), 111.77 def. Catherine Seamons, Kuna, .060, 13.28 (13.24 dial), 102.42.
Semi-Terra Keller, Kuna; Debbie Pisca, Caldwell.
Quarter-Katy Sterling, Middleton; Marcia Randall, Emmett; Alison Burnop, Caldwell.

No Box Gambler
Lisa Thomas, Meridian, .033, 9.81 (9.80 dial), 128.30 def. Joe Witherspoon, Caldwell, .038, 10.94 (10.94 dial), 120.85.
Semi-Greg Buckert, Star.
Quarter-Andy Strunk, Emmett; Phil Sielaff, Pine; Mike McCallum, Grand Junction, Colo.

Box Gambler
Ed Cutler, Meridian, .031, 9.15 (9.15 dial), 146.57, def. Seth McLean, Nampa, .033, 9.52 (9.55 dial), 141.02.
Semi-Ben Sackett, Boise.
Quarter-Christopher Northup, Boise; Chris Jaggers, Middleton.

Sled/Bike Gambler
Chase Bittick, Middleton, .072, 10.80 (10.85 dial) 118.70 def. Scott Grondahl, Nampa, .138, 9.82 (9.90 dial) 144.35.
Semi-Isaac Biebuyck, Nampa; Tim Osmus, Middleton.

Friday: 38th Annual Little Caesars Pizza Fox Hunt presented by Bronco Motors

Friday: 38th Annual Little Caesars Pizza Fox Hunt presented by Bronco Motors

Super Pro
Steve Scrivner, Boise, .022 reaction time, 10.40 (10.37 dial) 126.26 def. Christopher Northup, Boise, .036, 8.36 (8.34 dial) 154.78.
Semi-Bud Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo.
Quarter-Camille Murdock, Nampa; Gordon Boven, Boise.
Eighth-Garrett Quinlan, Nampa; Seth McLean, Nampa; Jim Tattersall, Eden; John Shaffer, Boise.

Stan Deming, Nampa, .034, 10.47 (10.41 dial) 114.26 def. Anthony Keller, Kuna, 040, 10.69 (10.60 dial) 118.67.
Semi-Levi Burlile, Nampa; Richard Rush, Boise.
Quarter-Melissa Jarboe, New Plymouth; David Deming, Nampa; Terry Hall, Nampa.
Eighth-Joe Witherspoon, Caldwell; Steve Pyburn, Nampa; Bret Ward, Boise; Seth McLean, Nampa; Dana Drummond, Ontario, Ore.; Daniel Brown, Caldwell.

Kyle Witherspoon, Boise, .007, 12.81 (12.80 dial) 105.67 def. Troy McDonald, Nampa, .010, 13.06 (13.03 dial) 108.36.
Semi-Stephanie Meimann, Middleton.
Quarter-Gary Krueger, Nampa; Mike Ritz, Boise; Glen Phillips, Middleton.
Eighth-Catherine Seamons, Kuna; Terra Keller, Kuna; Joseph Karnes, Boise; Ron Wurtz, Caldwell; David Meimann, Middleton; Kristi Shawver, Meridian.

David Kletzien, Boise, .022, 9.55 (9.51 dial) 141.02 def. Scott Grondahl, Nampa, .118, 9.91 (10.00 dial) 135.77.
Semi-Isaac Biebuyck, Nampa.
Quarter-Jesse May, Boise; Deb Bittick, Caldwell; John Lininger, Boise.

Jeffrey Langan, Boise, .022, 11.59 (11.56 dial) 113.70 def. Ryan Resinkin, Emmett, .029, 10.81 (10.77 dail) 117.52.
Semi-Clyde Hughes, Nampa.
Quarter-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell; Marcia Randall, Emmett; Ken Clark, Middleton.

Fox Eliminator
Casey Compton, Boise, .099, 13.11 (13.12 dial) 101.09 def. Marcia Randall, Emmett. -.026 redlight, 11.37 (11.30 dial) 112.55.
Semi-Denise Clark, Boise.
Quarter-Catherine Seamons, Kuna; Katy Sterling, Middleton; Melissa Jarboe, New Plymouth.

No Box Gambler
Chad Campbell, Meridian, .018, 10.08 (10.07 dial) 129.00 def. Mike Drummond, Ontario, Ore., .029, 10.39 (10.43 dial) 127.98.
Semi-Tom Davis, Meridian; Patrick Bailey, Pocatello.
Quarter-Marcus Steed, Pocatello; Richie Myers, Fruitland; Mike McCallum, Grand Junction, Colo.

Box Gambler
Sean Shaffer, Boise, .008, 10.01 (9.94 dial) 126.65 def. Dick VanderMeer, Nampa, .040, 8.89 (8.90 dial) 170.67.
Semi-Mark Barnhart, Emmett.
Quarter-Ben Sackett, Boise; Chris Jaggers, Middleton.



The second round of the Midnight Drags not only attracted a strong turnout, but some of the best weather of the season. With temperatures in the low 80’s, the event which is presented by Peterson Chevrolet featured non-stop grudge racing from 8 pm until midnight. Quite a number of racers were able to join the first 100 mph club in nearly a month. Plus the grudge heats were very heated all night long. Friends and foes alike battled it out down the quarter-mile. The next event that not focuses on the Sport Compacts and those that can run the Domestic Street program is the NAPA Import Summer Jam race, which is set for Saturday night, July 18. The race will not only feature several Import eliminators, but also a class just for the Domestic cars (Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and the likes). In addition, Summer Jam will feature a major show `n shine in the upper pit area. Round three of the Midnight Drags will take place Saturday night, August 29th. Mark your calendar for both events on the Firebird Summer schedule.



Club Bracket #1
Wes Pyburn, Melba Outlaws, .080 reaction time, 13.01 elapsed time (10.61 dial) 69.67 mile per hour def. Dan Wilder, Melba Outlaws, .026, 11.24 (11.29 dial) 118.29.
Semi-Ryan Resinkin, DT Embroidery; Terry Phillips, DT Embroidery.
Quarter-Joe Witherspoon, Melba Outlaws; Steve Pyburn, Melba Outlaws; Lynn Johnston, Melba Outlaws.

Club Bracket #2
Richard Rush, Kuna Knuckle Draggers, .044, 11.67 (11.68 dial) 113.04 def. Chris Jaggers, PSI Racing, .063, 12.03 (12.05 dial) 110.75.
Semi-Lucas Hull, Melba Outlaws; Rod Mills, The Hustlers.
Quarter-Zak Pedraza, Kuna Knuckle Draggers; Luke Jacobson, Mopar Mafia; Dan Hurlbert, PSI Racing.

Club Bracket #3
Steve Scrivner, Melba Outlaws, .020, 17.51 (15.71 dial) 54.99 def. Tyler Rush, Kuna Knuckle Draggers, broke.
Semi-Jeff Fetty, Middleton Muscle.
Quarter-Matt Compton, Not About The Money; Rocky Nelson, Down `n Dirty; Annette Shumway, Hot Shots.

Club Bracket #4
Kevin DeLong, Melba Outaws, .439, 15.05, 89.70 def. Bob Smith, Down `n Dirty, -.078 redlight, 16.08 (16.10 dial) 85.23.
Semi-Earl McCollough, Melba Outlaws.
Quarter-Russ Hoff, Mopar Mafia; Raymond Lee, 3800 Club.

Club Bracket #5
Jason Shipp, Flying Brick, .027, 13.05 (12.90 dial) 92.26 def. Janet Barrett, PSI Racing, .105, 13.77 (13.62 dial) 100.08.
Semi-Kimberly Bennett, Mopar Mafia.
Quarter-Bryn Anderson, Venom Racing; Kevin Griffith, 3800 Club; Brian Michels, AMC Racing.



One of the coolest major events on the Firebird schedule is the Little Caesars Pizza Great American Fox Hunt & Drag Races presented by Bronco Motors on Friday and Saturday, June 19-20.

Originated by announcing legend Steve Evans in the 70’s at Irwindale Raceway, the event has always offered one key element: ALL LADIES ARE ADMITTED FREE! Drawing upon Evans’ near genius promotional insight, we introduced this same concept to Idaho and eastern Oregon fans way back in 1977. Sandwiched halfway through the season (between the Ignitor in April and the Nightfire in August), the Fox Hunt has certainly become a real hit for both fans and racers alike.

Ever since “T.V. Tommy” Ivo first appeared with his spectacular Jet Dragster at the `78 Fox Hunt, the event has featured the fire-blasting Jets. No different this year, both Derek Snelson with his Alaska-based “Warhawk” will perform along side the ultra-swift “Warped Speed” driven by veteran jet jockey Richard Smith. Two Jet Funny Cars will definitely deliver a battle of the afterburner pops before each and every match up on Saturday night.

One of the key races in the West Coast Outlaw Pro Modified Association, a number of 240 mph Doorslammers will slug it out on the quarter mile headed up by reigning champ and track record holder Mike Maggio with his wild blown Camaro.

The crowd favorite Northwest BB/Funny Car showcase will feature a number of the best running northwest Funny Cars performing crowd pleasing burnouts and runs topping 200 mph in the quarter-mile

Wheelstanders have long been a fixture at Firebird since the track first opened in 1968. In fact, during the inaugural year of the raceway, Bob Riggle with the Hemi Under Glass helped opened the fledgling new facility during the Grand Opener and Richard Schroeder appeared a couple months later with his wheelstanding Javelin. For the past three decades we’ve been treated to the remarkable Jelly Belly wheelstanders of Ed “the Outlaw” Jones from Malad.

Throw in one of the biggest Gold Cup events of the season (with two separate days/nights of racing in a variety of classes, including the Fox eliminator presented by the Naughty Girls) and you can certainly sense that we have the makings of one of the best races of the year. Tell your friends, your family, the people you work with, your next-door neighbors that there’s one and only one place to be over the June 19-20 weekend, it’s the Fox Hunt at Firebird.

Lookin’ forward to seeing everyone at the 38th Fox Hunt – and in case you hadn’t heard: it’s the one event where all ladies get in for free!