All of us at Firebird are excited to play host to the famed Summit E.T. Finals over Labor Day. Racers will be participating over the weekend of Sept. 1-4, 2022.

We will be looking to assemble Firebird’s “best” Gold Cup racers to compete at the Northwest team race.  Firebird is the seven-time Division 6 team champion.

Highlighting the event, winners in the Race of Champions (Sat) will earn a spot to run for the Summit national championship in Las Vegas. The caveat is not only a Wally trophy, embroidered jacket and prize money, but also a $3,000 travel incentive to run for an additional $5,000 and the NHRA Summit national championship.

Not many other events all season long match the atmosphere of the E.T. Finals. The aura of this unique event is nothing shy of amazing.

Start making your plans today for the first full weekend of September next season as Firebird hosts this prestigious NHRA event.