The fifth stop in six-race Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge Series benefited from┬ápartly cloudy skies and a southern breeze on Friday night, August 5th.

The afternoon might have started off a bit on the warm side, but by first round of eliminations temperatures dropped into the mid-80’s and racing was fast `n furious under the stadium lights.

The event featured one of the largest turnouts of the 2016 Club chase. All together, twenty-seven different clubs competed in the Silver, Bronze and Copper Cup series. The sixth and final race is schedule for Friday night, September 9th, followed by the Quality Trailer Sales Club Grand Championships on Wednesday, October 12th. Points are now updated and posted for both Team and Individual standings.

Club Bracket #1

Steve Pyburn, Melba Outlaws, .109, 10.16 (10.17 dial) 134.19 def. Frank Wilson, Mopar Mafia, .053, 11.12 (11.15 dial) 122.47.

Semi-Josh Cirelli, Flying Brick; Brent Higbee, Kuna Knuckle Draggers.

Club Bracket #2
Troy McDonald, The A-Team, .024, 12.63 (12.62 dial) 110.25 def. Kristi Shawver, Down `n Dirty, .011, 11.59 (11.61 dial) 110.81.

Semi-Luke Jacobson, Rock-It Racing; Chad Foruria, DT Embroidery.

Club Bracket #3
Steve Scrivner, Melba Outlaws, .044, 15.77 (15.77 dial) 82.59 def. Jeff Bell, Melba Outlaws, .051, 14.24 (14.20 dial) 94.79.

Semi-Jon Anderson, Hot Shots.

Club Bracket #4
Deana Bullington, Naughty Girls, .068, 13.21 (13.15 dial) 105.67 def. Colin Dalton, The Hustlers, .065, 13.51 (13.55 dial) 95.29.

Semi-Jacob Phelps, The Barons.

Club Bracket #5
John Maas, Down `n Dirty, .051, 16.88 (16.91 dial) 83.57 def. Bob Smith, Down `n Dirty, -.100 redlight, 16.27 (15.95 dial).

Semi-Alecia Rock, Down `n Dirty.