For those of you who love “Door Handle to Door Handle” Pro-Light Racing, the all-new Open Comp eliminator is a cool new category that will be offered this Saturday during the Fall Automotive Swap Meet event.

We will offer qualifying throughout the morning and early afternoon. All Open Comp racers will run on the .400 Pro tree. One of the interesting twists to Open Comp is that you make your qualifying runs and then your dial in for eliminations will be one-tenth (.100) quicker than your best run during qualifying. So if you run 11.81 in qualifying, then you’ll maintain a fixed dial in of 11.71 for the duration of eliminations. Or let’s say you run a best of 9.85, then your dial in for the duration of eliminations will be 9.75.

The class permits slicks, dot or street tires; muffled or not muffled; licensed or unlicensed, transbrakes or line locks are permitted as are automated shifters,  basically run what ya’ brung (with all the NHRA safety specs required like any normal race). The class does not permit any dragsters or roadsters nor does it permit delay boxes (and discourages throttle stops). Other than that you should be good to go.

Come have some fun on Saturday. Racer gates will be open by 8 am, time trials and qualifying at 10 am, and first round of racing at 2 pm.

The defending champion is Todd Porter (and his impressive 9-second S-10 pickup). Who will win it all and earn the title of Open Comp champ in 2020? Will it be a Chevy, a Ford, a Mopar, Buick, Olds or Pontiac or perhaps a Sport Compact? Maybe we’ll see YOU in the Winner’s Circle on Saturday!