The Oldies But Goodies Drags presented by Project Filter returns to Firebird over the June 1-2 weekend. A combination of nostalgia race `n show classes will be offered, along with the  Boise Muffler Gold Cup Series at this two-day event.

All of the core Gold Cup eliminators will be contested each day, including  Super Pro, Pro, Sled/Bike and Sportsman. Additionally, racing will be staged in Pro Comp, Old School Gasser, Oldies Bracket #1, Oldies Bracket #2 and Oldies Bracket #3.

Saturday will offer a day time trials and qualifying followed up by racing Sat. eve., in Super Pro Gambler, No Box Gambler and Geezer Gambler (55 years of age or older).

Both Saturday and Sunday will offer dedicated show `n shine parking in the paved upper pit area. A multitude of special show plaques will be awarded on both Sat. and Sun.

One of the extra cool things that you receive at the Oldies event is the official event t-shirt. Both Drag and Show entrants receive a shirt, which was designed by the award winning artist Ger Peters (from the Netherlands).

A thirty-nine year tradition at Firebird, the Oldies is annually supported by a number of host clubs. They include the: Melba Outlaws, Vintage Gems, Heap Herders, Barons and Idaho Chariots.




AA/Supercharged Blown Alcohol Gassers
Super Pro (11.99 or quicker)
Pro (7.50-13.99)
Sportsman (12.00 and slower)
Sled/Bike (14.99 or quicker)
Gasser (straight axle, old-school race cars)
Oldies Bracket #1 (10.99 & Quicker)
Oldies Bracket #2 (11.00 – 12.99)
Oldies Bracket #3 (13.00 & Slower)
Pro Comp (.4-tenths, pro-light, handicapped, front-motor dragsters, open-wheel roadsters and altereds)
Test `n Tune


Super Pro: $90
Pro: $70
Sled/Bike: $65
Sportsman: $60
Pro Comp (wkd): $100
All Other Classes: $60
Sportsman (Sun. only): $40
*All Race `n Show entries will receive a commemorative event t-shirt
Annual permanent number/license card: $7
Saturday Gambler cards: $35


Adults: $24
Ages 6-12: $5
One-Day Adult: $12
One-Day 6-12: $6
Ages 5 & Under: Free


Opens: 9:00 am
Racing: throughout the day
Concludes: 6:00 pm

In the event of inclement weather, updates will be available on this site and on our Facebook page.