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It’s never easy losing a friend, close acquaintance or member of your family.

Wednesday, September 10th, we lost a good friend and fellow racer—Brian L. Burger from Meridian, who died at the age of 46 from injuries incurred in a traffic accident in Meridian.

Brian supported the Firebird racing scene for several decades as a racer, crew chief and father who became intimately involved with his son and daughter in our Junior Drag Racing program.
We can always remember Brian in the earliest of years competing in the Pro class. He was very competitive and never held back what he had on his mind. Incredibly respectful and quite knowledgeable, he quite often knew the hard fast rules better than most anyone at the raceway. And he was never bashful to speak his mind if he knew he was in the right and whomever he was talking to be it an official or a fellow racer or crewmember was incorrect – he was always quick to get to the point he wanted to get across. But that was Brian, never one to hold back or keep what might be bothering him close to his chest. After airing things out, more often than not, you’d be shaking hands and sharing a laugh or two over what ever was being discussed earlier. He truly enjoyed the sport and all the nuances of competition. He was most proud of the opportunity he provided both his daughter and son so that both of them could run a Junior Dragster at Firebird.
He was quite dedicated to helping Firebird further grow and advance, too. Looking back, Brian was one of the first to volunteer for a pavement removal project way back in the early years to further expand the original concrete launch pads. He and a whole group of racers shoveled, lifted, and hauled aggregate and material to help expedite the process after a full day of racing one season. It was quite a gesture by all involved at the time and greatly appreciated. He was just one of those people who didn’t mind helping make things better, especially when it really benefitted everyone at the raceway.
We attached photos from the 2007 Season of Brian, in the background of each of the images with dark sunglasses, and joined by his family in the winner’s circle following successful race days in the Junior Dragster class.

All of us within the New family and Firebird staff are deeply saddened by the loss of Brian. He certainly touched numerous people in a variety of walks of life. For all that he gave, we are indebted to his enthusiasm, desire and support throughout all his years of participating at Firebird.

With that said, we are sure going to miss him. We want to extend our deepest condolences to his family including wife Karen, and kids Tiffany and Matthew, close friends, fellow racers and acquaintances.
God speed.



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